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The Terrazzo Flooring Installation will At Vegas Handyman Services, our experienced flooring experts can provide the best Terrazzo Flooring Installation in Las Vegas, NV at a very reasonable price. We take pride in offering the best Terrazzo Flooring Installation. Our Vegas Handyman Services experts take pride in providing the best service in the Las Vegas, NV area.

Terrazzo is a unique surface, primarily found as flooring, that traditionally contains marble chips of different sizes and colors held together with a cement base or, in newer applications, with a resin or epoxy base. Aggregates other than marble may also be used. It is often the practice to wax terrazzo to achieve shine, but waxes yellow and collect dirt over time and therefore must be repeatedly stripped and reapplied. This process to be not only time-consuming and costly, but also unnecessary. With our professional terrazzo services, we can give your terrazzo floors a natural polish that eliminates the need for continuous stripping and waxing. If your circumstances require it, such as a hospital or high traffic environment, we offer solutions that include increasing slip resistance, and providing anti-microbial properties to minimize the risk of spreading secondary infection.

Terrazzo is a man-made stone consisting of natural stone pieces set in a cement or epoxy medium and either poured on location or precast as tiles. Marble pieces used in the terrazzo mix enable polishing to a high shine and often these floors will have decorative patterns and features, which can be enhanced dramatically. Due to its durability, Terrazzo is a very popular flooring choice in high traffic environments such as supermarkets, airports, and shopping centres.

Why choose terrazzo flooring?

  • Whether you get terrazzo as an interior or exterior flooring material is a matter of personal taste, but consider the following:
  • Terrazzo is a tough material and can be found on many centuries-old buildings in Italy and other countries
  • Terrazzo can go with any style of home. Terrazzo tiles come in a wide range of colours and patterns and can be matched with any style of home. Concrete embedded terrazzo can have a single colour or many colours and can go with any style of home
  • A patterned terrazzo floor covering can make a unique statement in a room. Try patterns in a hallway or living room
  • Terrazzo is a versatile material, whether it’s in tile form or embedded in concrete. The use of terrazzo is only limited by one’s imagination and many designs and patterns can be realised
  • Terrazzo is a centuries-old tradition and deserves to be kept alive today.
  • While terrazzo is having a resurgence, that may not be a good reason to use it. However, terrazzo is a brilliant way to make any home or patio look better. Tiles come in a variety of colours and embedded terrazzo can have any colour you like or even many colours. Terrazzo is a versatile material and can be used in any setting. It is just a matter of finding the right colours for you and perhaps a pattern that will look distinctive and inviting.


Terrazzo Installation

To start a terrazzo installation, contractors first begin by using a vacuum blast machine on the pre-existing surface. This is to prepare the concrete for a strong bond with the terrazzo. Next, it is necessary to fill and seal any fractures that may be in the concrete. Cracks are filled with a hard epoxy/sand mix, covered with mesh, and then sealed with epoxy.

Divider strips are cut and applied to the floor with an adhesive as a way to separate colors and to maintain designs. These are often complex and surprisingly beautiful pieces, allowing a remarkable level of detail in design.

Once the strips have been laid, a seal is then applied to level out the area. Divider strips are sealed with epoxy and then the mix of chips and binding resin is applied to create the various designs in the flooring. Once the floor has cured, it is then put through a three-stage grinding process with rough, medium, and fine stones. The terrazzo is then grouted with a matching color epoxy to fill in any pinholes.

When the grout has dried, the durable commercial flooring is then polished and a sealer is applied. This is to achieve a greater degree of color brilliance and to serve as protection for the floor.

To assure a quality terrazzo installation, we recommend you contact one of our Vegas Handyman Services contractors Each of these firms is also a member in good standing of the National Terrazzo & Mosaic Association.

Sustainable Flooring Design

Terrazzo is a signature, durable building material, and fills a number of sustainability requirements. More than a uniform substance, terrazzo is a unique product of design, technique, and skillful execution.

Terrazzo Maintenance

Clean, safe corridors and indoor air quality are essential. Terrazzo’s non- porous surface resists microbes and moisture accumulation, essential for a mold-free, healthy environment. Because it’s seamless, terrazzo maintenance is as easy as periodic sweeping, damp mopping and occasional machine cleaning.

Terrazzo shows its true colors in high-traffic areas where durability, longevity and minimal maintenance are critical. With proper terrazzo maintenance, a floor may never need to be replaced.

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