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Building Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV: Are you Searching for Best Building Repair Services near Las Vegas NV? Vegas Handyman Services ,Building repairs and maintenance services mainly includes works undertaken for maintaining proper condition of buildings, its services and works in ordinary use. The use for which buildings are designed is the main factor in determining the required standard of maintenance. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Building Repair Services around Las Vegas NV. We serve Las Vegas NVand other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Building Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV:

Building repairs and maintenance services mainly includes works undertaken for maintaining proper condition of buildings, its services and works in ordinary use. The use for which buildings are designed is the main factor in determining the required standard of maintenance. Excessive building maintenance should be avoided. At the same time, building maintenance should ensure safety to the occupant or the public and should comply with the statutory requirements. The need also depends upon intensity of usage.

Facilities require a certain amount of upkeep to look their best, maintain a safe environment and serve their intended function. Building repair workers conduct regular inspections to determine areas that need attention and then perform the tasks.

Regular building repair and maintenance might involve replacing a worn doorknob, oiling a squeaky hinge or replacing a damaged floorboard. Maintenance workers might inspect for burned-out light bulbs and replace them, change the filters in the air conditioning system or replace a hard-to-operate lock.

In an industrial setting, the maintenance worker might have a set schedule of routine maintenance procedures to perform on machinery and equipment, such as greasing the bearings or changing the hydraulic fluid.

  • Excavation work
  • Carbon Fibre Wrap Concrete Repair
  • Strengthening work
  • Waterproofing
  • Road Work
  • Concreting
  • Carpentry work
  • Fabrication
  • Tiling work
  • CCTV System
  • Weather Shed work
  • Compound wall
  • Fire Alarm System
  • APP Membrane
  • Poly Urethane Coating
  • Water Tank Waterproofing
  • Structural repairs including plaster and timber
  • Window glazing
  • Moisture damage repairs
  • Painting
  • Flooring Repairs
  • Roof and Ceiling Repairs
  • Brickwork and Paving Repairs
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical work

We handle all types of repairing issues. Whether it’s planned or reactive repairs.

Advantages of Building repair

Building Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV:

  • Increase life of Buildings
  • Prevent Building defect
  • A regular and preventive maintenance and prompt care for minor repairs will prevent you from many emergency repairs which are often expensive. So a preventive maintenance is a must have.

We have to first make a report that includes all the defects in the buildings in every component…

For this analyzing  the structure, we have to take up preliminary inspection and observations are to be noted down.

The preliminary inspection and observation will include five basic steps:

  • Climate of the surroundings
  • Location of the Structure
  • Building type and change in use
  • Age of the building
  • Physical inspection of the building components

Analysis of the Climatic condition of the surroundings

  • It is very essential to consider the climatic conditions of the surroundings of the structure because determining the kind of climate the place has, figuring out the defects in building materials will be easier.
  • Climate has a great effect on building materials.

For example:

  • India has a tropical climate. Like many other tropical countries, India has heavy rainfall and warm sunshine all year round.
  • This implies that buildings in the country tend to weather rapidly, particularly in respect to external building materials which are exposed to external causes such as rain, wind, solar radiation including ultraviolet light; and atmospheric pollution.
  • Here are a few examples of the defects that may occur in a structure located in a tropical country: Fungal stain, harmful growth of trees, peeling paint, erosion of mortar joints and defective plastered rendering.

Analysis of the Location of the Structure

Building Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV:

In the analysis of the location of the structure, consideration of the micro-climate is of great importance.

For example:

  • Buildings that are located near the sea or rivers tend to have common building defects. This is because the water coming from the ground causes dampness penetration and structural instability.
  • The dampness in the structure causes crystallization of salt which results into efflorescence (the soluble salts present in the bricks dissolve because of damp condition and cause whiting of the external walls).
  • Damp-proof courses have to be installed in order to prevent rising water coming from nearby River or sea.
  • In addition, soluble salt which comes from sea and together with the presence of a polluted atmosphere can cause damage to the exterior surface of the buildings.

Building type and change in use

  • Most of old buildings that maintain their original functions or uses appear to have less problem internally, even though there were symptoms of building defects found on the external fabric because of innumerable reasons such as Solar radiation, scouring action of wind, moisture etc.
  • Many older buildings have been converted into museums and hotels.

For example:

  • Buildings that change their use and spaces should consider the effect of the new use on the existing structure. This is because historic buildings were built to only hold certain loads and sometimes may not withstand additional loads.
  • Where buildings which have been converted into either commercial or office purposes, the need to install air-conditioning systems to meet modern building requirements seems necessary.
  • It has been found that in a few cases the air-conditioning units were placed improperly.
  • This not only affects the appearance of the buildings but intervenes with the existing fabric, particularly when ducts are running in full view on the ceiling.

Analysis of the Age of the Building

Building Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV:

  • All the building materials used in the construction tend to deteriorate after a period of time that result in the deterioration of the elements of the buildings at a lesser or greater rate depending upon their location and function.
  • Aging building materials, particularly timber should be checked once there are signs of fungal and termite attacks.
  • Building that were built in the early period of British occupation, for instance, often face problems in building materials.
  • Therefore, proper treatment of building repair and maintenance should be given full consideration.
  • Determining the age of the structure will also help us determine the construction technique used which will make the repair and maintenance of the structure easier.


Physical inspection of the building components

The physical inspection of the building components will help us detect the minor and major defects in the components of the structure.

  • Structural inspection (Diagonal cracks occur because of structure failure)
  • Walls are to be inspected (cracks or holes in the walls)
  • Slabs
  • Foundation stability is to be checked
  • Doors/Windows
  • Electrical systems (air-conditioning)
  • Mechanical systems (generator and pumps)
  • Plumbing
  • These are the basic steps to be followed for the repair and maintenance of old buildings.

Prevention of Building defects

Building Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV:

  • Old buildings that neglect building maintenance may fall into several defects which may lead to structural failures.
  • This can be achieved by the inspections carried out by either architects or surveyors which should include checking for any signs of abnormal deterioration, cleaning out gutters of leaves or harmful growth, checking lighting conductors, cleaning out all voids and spaces; and changing tap washers.
  • To secure the general structural stability and life of a building, it is important to regularly inspect not only the main structural elements including foundations, walls and roofs; but other common building problems.

Industrial Buildings

Maintaining your factory, warehouse, or other industrial building is key to your business’s success. Whether you have water leaks or are looking to put a new face on your building, Vegas Handyman Services can help. Exterior building maintenance is regularly neglected in the industrial setting and eventually leads to extensive repair. However, regular maintenance can catch failures before they become expensive problems.

Office Buildings

Is your office building starting to age? Are you experiencing water leaks inside your offices? Is your building suffering from differed maintenance and now under new ownership? Does your parking structure leak? Call Vegas Handyman Services today for exterior building maintenance and more in Chicago and surrounding areas. Our technicians perform their work in a very professional manner, and work to cause as little disruption as possible at your office complex.

Retail Centers

First impressions matter when it comes to your storefront. Nothing makes a business look more substandard than cracked or stained exterior walls. Aging concrete and masonry can cause public safety hazards if not taken care of. Did you have tenants move on and leave your sign band a wreck? Vegas Handyman Services works with some of the largest retailers in the nation, as well as many property managers and owners of retail centers in the Chicago area. We are well versed in the challenges of working in an active shopping center, and consumer safety is always a priority. Contact us today for an evaluation of your retail center, we would be happy to put together a maintenance plan for you!

Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Keep your condominium complex or apartment building in good order with Vegas Handyman Service repair and restoration services. Let your tenants know you care about the well-being of their homes. Vegas Handyman Services can help with balcony restoration and coatings, masonry repair and restoration, lintel replacement, and caulking to name a few.

Institutional Buildings

Building Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV:

Vegas Handyman Services can provide you repair and restoration services for all your institutional building exteriors. We have many clients in the market including retirement homes, churches, and medical facilities . You can rely on us for exceptional sealant replacement, stone repairs, masonry cleaning, lintel replacement, and parapet reconstruction.

Historical Buildings

Historical buildings tell the story of our cities, states, and nation. That’s why it’s necessary to make sure they are maintained properly. Our firm has worked on a number of historical buildings since we opened our doors. Our award winning work on historical buildings helps distinguish us from the rest of the industry.


Building repairs and maintenance services mainly includes works undertaken for maintaining proper condition of buildings, its services and works in ordinary use. The use for which buildings are designed is the main factor in determining the required standard of maintenance. Excessive building maintenance should be avoided. At the same time, building maintenance should ensure safety to the occupant or the public and should comply with the statutory requirements. The need also depends upon intensity of usage.

The types of building repair and maintenance service works are:

  • Day to Day Repairs

Day to day repairs include service repairs which arise from time to time in the services of the buildings such as in plumbing works, water supply, etc. Examples for such repairs are removing chokage of drainage pipes, manholes, restoration of water supply, replacement of blown fuses, repairs to faulty switches, watering of plants, lawn mowing, hedge cutting, sweeping of leaf falls etc. The purpose of this maintenance service is to ensure satisfactory continuous functioning of various services in the buildings.

  • Annual Repairs

This maintenance service is carried out to maintain the aesthetics of buildings and services as well as to preserve their life, some works like white washing, distempering, painting, cleaning of lines, tanks etc. are carried out periodically. These works are planned on year to year basis.

  • Special Repairs

Special repairs of building are undertaken to replace the existing parts of buildings and services which get deteriorated on ageing of buildings. It is necessary to prevent the structure & services from deterioration and restore it back to its original conditions to the extent possible.

  • Additions and Alterations

The works of additions/alterations are carried out in buildings to suit the special requirements of occupants for functional efficiency. The facilities in buildings are updated by carrying out such works.

  • Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is carried out to avoid breakdown of machinery and occurrence of maintenance problems in buildings and services. Works of preventive maintenance are carried out on the basis of regular inspection survey. Preventive maintenance includes works to prevent deterioration of building parts (which depends on climatic conditions), pollution, fungi, the insect attack, subsidence, flooding, intensity of usage, careless usage, seepage etc..


Building Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV:

When it comes to the house itself, there are a few main costs to consider: foundation, framing, exterior work, and major systems. You also need to factor in land and site work for your plot. Here’s how those costs break down from two different data sources.

  • Land and site work: building permits, impact fees, inspections, engineering/architectural planning
  • HomeAdvisor: $5,000-$38,000 (3-8% of total costs)
  • NAHB: $18,300 (6% of total costs)
  • Foundation: excavation, pouring concrete, retaining walls, backfill
  • HomeAdvisor: $16,600-$72,000 (10-15%)
  • NAHB: $34,900 (12%)
  • Framing: framing, roof frame, trusses, sheathing
  • HomeAdvisor: $16,600-$95,000 (10-20%)
  • NAHB: $51,500 (17.5%)
  • Major systems: HVAC, electricity, plumbing
  • HomeAdvisor: $17,000-$72,000 (10-15%)
  • NAHB: $43,700 (15%)


  •  Plumbing

Other issues happen with filtration systems, pumps, risers and HVAC piping, and costs can spiral because you not only have to fix the problem itself, you also often have to break through walls, tiles, floors, ceilings and other surfaces to get to pipes and then replace most of what was broken through, experts say.

For example, repairing a broken pipe might cost $1,000, but you’d pay an additional $800 to $1,500 more to open the wall and fix it back up afterward,

Between the cost of engineering, permitting, materials and labor, the price could hit $45 to $85 per foot. Put another way, replacing riser lines for an average ten-story building would cost between $250,000 to $400,000.

  • Elevators

When replacing elevators, keep in mind that a big chunk of the cost has nothing to do with how tall your building is, since the cabs, motors and other costs are the same. For example, Lauri is replacing three elevators in a 20-story building at a cost of $500,000, or $170,000 per elevator. But he recently did a similar renovation at a six-story building and it cost $138,000 an elevator.

  • Boilers

What could make this winter more fun than a boiler dying?

“We have had proposals in various buildings in the $80,000 range to place a new boiler in the building.

  • Hallway and lobby

The cost of updating the old and tired decor from the floor coverings to wallpaper, light fixtures and moldings is running at least $600,000

medium-grade carpeting costs about $45 a yard, while high-end carpeting could run up to $75 a yard.To renovate an entire lobby and hallway, expect to spend $500,000 to $1.25 million in a 10-story building.

  • Facades

For example, one landmarked 300-plus-unit co-op in the West Village is spending at least $750,000 to repair the facade–“and that number may grow as we look to replace the roof as well.


What services do you provide?

Simply put, whatever property service you need, we can provide. Vegas Handyman Services offer a comprehensive list of building, maintenance and property repair services. Whatever your requirements, we have the skills and expertise amongst out team to deliver an exceptional service.

We cover all trades, including plumbing, heating, electrics, building works and pest control.

Do you work on domestic projects?

No, we only carry out work on the behalf of housing associations, letting agents and property maintenance companies. We do not provide services for individual property landlords or tenants.

Do you have a price list?

Every project is unique and has its own set of requirements. It is therefore not possible for use to provide a full standard price list for our building, repair and maintenance services.

Our prices reflect a range of criteria and are mostly by quotation. We do have a select list of services that can be made available on request.

Do you provide Landlord Certificates?

In short, yes. We offer a range of landlord services including Gas Safe certs, EIRC (newly becoming an annual requirement), legionella and property health surveys should the landlord be looking to mitigate against most risks that could cost them valuable rental income.

Do you offer a 24-hour emergency repair service?

Yes, we are able to offer a 24/7 emergency repair service and can have an engineer or skilled tradesperson on your site to fix the problem in just 2 hours. So whether you have a leaky pipe or urgent structural problem that needs fixing, our team can help.

For details of what we cover in your area please get in contact today.

What if extra damages are identified that have not been included in the Scope of Works?

You will be able to discuss any additional repairs that are required with our Repair Coordinator or your on-site Supervisor, If the additional repairs are deemed to be covered under your policy and claim, they can be included at a later stage. We will provide your Insurance Company with the required information for any of these additional repairs, in some cases approval will need to be obtained from your Insurance Company, before we can commence any additional repairs.

Why have several builders requested to attend my property?

Your Insurance company will quite often ask a couple of builders to attend and quote on the damages at your property, this is to ensure that you insurer is getting the best price.


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