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Interior Painting Services Near Las Vegas NV: Looking for Interior Painting Services near Las Vegas NV? Call Vegas Handyman Services is fully insured and licensed. our interior painting projects provide beautiful, long lasting results at a reasonable price. We also make good and plaster to help make your home better. Cost? Free estimates. Call today or send us a message only for quick service.



Las Vegas NV Interior Painting

Interior Painting Services Near Las Vegas NV: In today’s world homeowners expect peace of mind through a transparent process. We explain every step of the process and are always available by phone, email, or text to answer any question or concern.

Interior Painting Services


Improve Your Home’s Interior with a Quality Paint Job

Interior Painting Services Near Las Vegas NV: Choosing the right color might seem like the biggest decision you’ll make when painting your home’s interior, but other factors are just as important. At the top of the list is selecting an experienced interior painting contractor. A professional can help you choose the right products for the job and do the right wall preparation. Both of these steps are critical. At Vegas Handyman Services, our interior painting projects provide beautiful, long lasting results at a reasonable price.

Why Choosing the Right Paint Product is So Important

Interior Painting Services Near Las Vegas NV: A single painting product does not fit all projects. We are careful to consider the surface we are painting (metal, wood, brick, etc.), where we are painting (hallways, bathrooms, mantles, etc.), and the type of product currently on the surfaces. Our experience and knowledge ensures your interior paint will adhere properly and stay looking great for years to come.

Do you have children? Then you also have messes. We know which paints are the most durable and easiest to clean.

Renovating a damp basement? Then you need a paint that can handle moisture. Want to whitewash your interior brick? We can do it correctly.

Looking to paint your kitchen cabinets? It’s far less expensive than installing new cabinetry, but still quite a chore. We’ll use the proper materials to ensure your kitchen cabinets look great and last for years.

Every Vegas Handyman Services Interior Painting Project includes:

  • A free estimate outlining all aspects of the project.
  • Complete product consultation. We only use the best materials including Sherwin-Williams.
  • Proper wall preparation. It’s much more than just spackle.
  • Full protection for your furnishings, floors, and interiors.
  • Qualified, trained painters on every project.
  • Written project start date.
  • Written guarantee of paint project satisfaction.
  • Daily clean up at the end of each work day so you can live in your house during the project with minimal interruption.
  • Quick project completion that does not compromise quality.
  • Vegas Handyman Services is a fully licensed and insured company.


Much More than Painting

Interior Painting Services Near Las Vegas NV: A benefit of choosing Vegas Handyman Services is that we can do more than painting. Many customers have found it makes sense to complete several projects at the same time. That means just one disruption and then a quick return to normal. Because we have specialized crews for different project types, your Estimator can coordinate different projects to make things easy for you. Working with Vegas Handyman Services can shorten your overall timeline. Plus, you won’t need to coordinate around multiple contractors’ schedules. We take care of everything for you! Vegas Handyman Services also does:

Preparation for interior painting

Preparation tasks

Our painter decorators use trade quality materials for the preparation work they carry out. Tasks include: –

  • Degreasing walls and woodwork
  • Filling cracks, holes and indents
  • Treating or replacing rotten or damaged woodwork
  • Priming bare wood surfaces
  • Applying ‘mist’ coat of paint to bare plaster
  • Removing existing loose, cracked, peeling or bubbled paint
  • Treating knots in new, unpainted wood
  • Creating a solid base that’s free of cracks, holes and other indents and that paint can adhere to is fundamental to a long lasting finish.

Our interior painting and decorating work

Interior Painting Services Near Las Vegas NV: Our expert painter decorators are ready to help with any type of decorating work inside your property.

nterior Painting & Decorating In Las Vegas NV

Interior Painting Services Near Las Vegas NV: Interior Painting & Decorating in Las Vegas NV , wallpapering and Interior design. We also make good and plaster to help make your home better. Both wall tiling and floor tiling can add a luxurious feel to your home. We are the right company to call if you require professional and trustworthy Painters and Decorators.

There is no project too large or too small for our professional team. We can handle any aspect of home or office redecoration, so don’t hesitate to give us a call whatever you have in mind for your home. We are delighted to give our expert advice and can give you an accurate quotation for your project. We offer the following home redecoration services: We can give your home or office a new look with a fresh coat of paint or a new wallpaper. Whatever style you have in mind, we can help you out with our professional level of completion.

Interior Painting

Interior Painting Services Near Las Vegas NV: Professional painting can completely change the look and feel of your home. As professional painters, we possess the necessary skills for proper surface preparation, and also understand the broad range of coating and painting varieties. Choosing the right shade can transform your home or office, change the mood and dynamics of your home or office into something new and charming! If you are looking for affordable painting and decorating services in Las Vegas NV you have come to the right place. We offer very competitive prices on all painter and decorator services throughout the Las Vegas NV area. We are one of the best Interior Painting & Decorating in Las Vegas NV, We can give the interior of your home or office a new look with some fresh layers of paint. contact us now and we can give you a quote online or call us and explain it in detail to you.


Interior Wood Staining

Your exterior and interior wood structure can wear down over time due to the dry wind, rain, moisture, hot sunshine, and very cold temperatures which causes the wood to discolor, rot, or warp. But with a professional wood stain job there will be an added life and vitality to your deck which ultimately gives you years of enjoyment and adding memories. With the help of our skilled interior strainers  all of your interior staining needs is a job done in reasonable time because we are well equipped with all necessary techniques and tools needed to provide you with a high quality stain for all your wooden surfaces. Ranging from your wood floor staining to trim staining and furniture staining.


Interior Painting Services Near Las Vegas NV: Vegas Handyman Services Interior Painting & Decorating in Las Vegas NV offers comprehensive residential and commercial painting and decorating services to all Las Vegas NV boroughs and the home counties. We are specialists in Interior Painting & Decorating . We have a great understanding of our trade and are always happy to share our knowledge and deliver great results. Wallpapers are one of interior decorations that make an amazing transformation to your home or office, it also enhances the personality of your home or office. our team are expert in applying wall coverings of various types and designs, ranging from historical wallpaper to silk paper, pulp, grass cloth, bamboo and traditional fabric. We are always available to help you transform your dull looking walls into a charming. We also work across most sectors, with special expertise in commercial and residential environments. Our decorating teams will be happy to take care of your wallpapering needs from start to finish, all you have to do is contact us.

Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing

Have you had your wood cabinets for years and wished to restore their original life ? Then Vegas Handyman Services service is the best option for you. Our service is quick and affordable to bring back life into your dull looking cabinets. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing, we take the extra time and care to remove your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. After removing, we then transfer or replace them in our custom finishing shop to ensure the highest quality finish using our quality control standards .Changing your kitchen doors is the perfect way to create a brand new look for your home, and with unrivalled experience in kitchen refurbishment you have found the best company to ask. Our professional Interior Painting & Decorating in Las Vegas NVteam can help you, call us today.

Our Promise

Our Work Is Exceptional. We promise.

Our interior renovation experts leave no stone unturned when it comes to improving the look of your home. Our combination of excellent value and great service lets us provide you with a satisfaction guarantee. The work isn’t done until we’re 100-percent satisfied. That’s a promise.

Quality Guarantee

Interior Painting Services Near Las Vegas NV: By focusing on customer service, high values and attention to detail,Las Vegas NV Painting Services has become one of Las Vegas NV leading painting contractors. We’re painting experts.

Using the highest quality materials, we specialize in interior and exterior painting, small carpentry repairs, wallpaper removal, and texture work.

In addition to working directly with commercial and residential property owners, we often work closely with developers, interior designers, architects and other contractors. We can integrate seamlessly into your project.


How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House Interior or Room?

$1 – $3 Per Square Foot

$350 – $850 Per Room

$1,192 – $3,919 Average Interior of House

The average cost to paint the interior of a house or room is $1 to $3 per square foot. Painters charge $1,200 to $3,900 to paint the walls in a house interior, and the cost to paint a room is $350 to $850. Prices increase when including the ceilings, baseboards, and trim.


Interior Painting Cost

Interior Painting Services Near Las Vegas NV: Painters charge $1 to $3 per square foot to paint a room or interior of a house. The average cost to paint a room is $350 to $850, and the cost to paint a home interior is $1,200 to $3,900. Labor costs alone account for 70% to 85% of your total paint job.


Interior Painting Cost Room                    Average Cost

Bedroom                                                      $350 – $850

Master Bedroom                                        $650 – $1,400

Bathroom                                                     $150 – $400

Kitchen                                                          $150 – $250

Living Room                                                 $600 – $2,000

Apartment / Condo                                   $900 – $3,000

1,500 SF House                                          $1,300 – $4,400

2,000 SF House                                          $1,600 – $5,600

2,500 SF House                                          $1,800 – $6,300

Painting the inside of your house is one of the easiest ways to give it a new look. Start by getting free paint samples from your local home improvement store, then contact interior painters near you after you select the colors.

  • Increases your property value overnight.
  • Often has a return on investment of more than 100 percent.


Cost to Paint Interior of House

The average cost to paint a house interior is $1 to $3 per square foot of floor space. The cost to paint the interior of a 1,500 sq ft home is $1,500 to $2,400. Painting an average home of 2,500 sqft costs from $2,100 to $3,900 on average


Average Cost to Paint Interior of House

  • National Average Cost $2,115
  • Minimum Cost $700
  • Maximum Cost $7,500
  • Average Range $1,192 to $3,919


Cost To Repaint A Whole House Interior

The cost to repaint a whole house interior ranges from $1,000 to $7,500 depending on the size. Painting an entire 2,000 square foot house costs $1,600 to $5,600 on average. Prices fall on the higher-end of the range when also painting the ceilings, trim, doors, and baseboards.


Cost to Paint Inside of House by Bedrooms

The cost to paint inside a house can be estimated by the number of bedrooms. Painting all the walls inside a house costs $1,000 to $3,000, while a full house interior runs $4,000 to $10,000 on average.


Cost To Paint Inside of House Size          Average Cost

1-Bedroom House                                                 $800 – $4,100

2-Bedroom House                                                 $1,000 – $6,400

3-Bedroom House                                                 $1,200 – $8,500

4-Bedroom House                                                 $2,000 – $10,000

5-Bedroom House                                                 $3,000 – $12,000


Cost To Paint An Apartment

The average cost to paint an apartment is $900 to $3,000 depending on the number of bedrooms or if it’s a studio. A 900-square-foot one-bedroom apartment costs $900 to $2,500 to paint. Painting a 2-bedroom apartment with 10′ ceilings costs $1,100 to $3,000 on average.


Type                     Average Cost

Studio                        $700 – $1,600

1-Bedroom              $900 – $2,500

2-Bedroom              $1,100 – $3,000

If you’re renting, ask for your landlord’s permission and if they would be willing to help with the cost.


Condo Painting Estimate

The average cost to paint a condo interior is $1,300 to $3,500 for a 1,200 square foot unit with 2-bedrooms. Be sure to check with your homeowners association (HOA) for approval before you paint your condo’s interior.


Average Cost To Paint A Room

Painters charge $300 to $1,000 per room on average, depending on the size. The average cost to paint a 12×12 room is $400 to $950. Labor costs alone are $180 to $650 per room. The DIY cost to paint a room is $100 to $300, which requires two gallons of paint.


Average Labor Cost To Paint A Room

The average labor cost to paint a room is $180 to $650, which typically makes up 70% to 85% of your total cost. Painters charge $1 to $3 per square foot of coverage area for room painting or $20 to $50 per hour for smaller projects.


Cost To Paint A Bedroom

Interior Painting Services Near Las Vegas NV: The average cost to paint a bedroom is $350 to $850, while a master bedroom runs $650 to $1,400. The DIY cost to paint bedroom walls is $100 to $300, which requires two gallons of paint. Prices depend on the room size and whether the baseboards, trim, and ceiling are painted.


How do I select an interior paint color?

The answer to these questions could go on for pages, but we will try to keep it simple. The first thing to consider is lighting. A poorly lit room will appear brighter, bigger, and more open when painted a light paint color. Larger rooms can be made to feel a little more cozy when painted a darker paint color. Small rooms will have a more dramatic feel when painted darker colors. Paint colors really have a lot to do with the mood you want to evoke in a room as well as your personal style.


Should I try out paint colors?

Even if you feel determined that you have chosen the right color, it is worth your time and money to buy a sample and test it out in your room. Paint colors can look drastically different in your home than they will in the paint store or online. Rather than painting small patches all over your room, paint the poster board with your chosen colors and tape it to your wall. You can move the poster board around the room in order to see how your color acts in different lighting situations.


How do I choose the best paint sheen for my paint job?

Choosing a sheen is actually easier than choosing your paint color. Most interior rooms are going to be painted with a satin or eggshell finish. Eggshell is the safe middle ground between high gloss and matte. It creates a smooth finish that is also easy to clean. Smaller areas like doors, trim, and cabinets, can be painted in a high gloss or semi-gloss sheen. These areas are less likely to get dirty and look best with some gloss. Matte sheen is most often used for something like your ceiling. While painting with a matte sheen is easy, it’s not easy to clean, so it’s better to use on areas with less traffic.


How do I prepare a room for interior painting?

Your first step to prep a room for painting is to remove all of the furniture. If the room is large enough, furniture can be placed in the center of the room. Next, take everything off of the walls. If there are holes in the walls from art or pictures that have been hanging, fill in the holes before painting.


Why Should I Paint My Interior?

People paint their interior for any number of reasons. In fact, you don’t even really need a reason. If you want to paint your home just for the sake of painting your home – go for it. When it comes to renovating and rejuvenating your home, painting is one of the easiest and most cost friendly ways. And as long as it’s done right, painting can make your home look brand new.


How Do I Select A Paint Color?

Selecting your paint color is the fun part and the step you get to do whether you hire someone or not. First think about how you want the room to feel. Light colors darken a poorly-lit room making it feel more open while dark colors give rooms a more intimate feel. Reds and yellows are warm, while greens and blues are cool. Tans, creams and greys are modern, easy colors.








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