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How much does it cost to paint siding?

A fresh coat of paint on your home’s siding can repair many issues and also make the house look brand new without spending a lot of money. Although it is possible to paint exterior siding yourself, in most cases hiring a professional painter is the recommended route. A home with 1500 square feet of siding will cost an average of $1,850 for professional exterior painting.

Cost breakdown

  • Materials: Paint prices ranges between $30-$50 per gallon. Most professional painters recommend using a primer 1 and two coats of paint on exterior siding. The paint typically costs $200-$500 depending on brand and quality. Other materials include rollers, sprayers, and scaffolding 2. Most professional painters already have the remaining supplies and don’t include them in the price. If siding repairs are required, you’ll also need to pay for caulk 3 and other repair materials.
  • Labor: The majority of your painting budget will go to labor costs. Most professional painters earn an average of $20-$35 per hour, but you’ll likely be paying for a team of painters instead of a single person. Assuming it will take around 32 hours, labor will cost between $650-$1100.
  • Removal and disposal: If some of the wood siding or stucco 4 is damaged beyond repair, you’ll have to pay for it to be removed and thrown away, which normally includes a base of the average labor cost of $20-$35 an hour, plus a premium and any charges to use the landfill. Expect to spend around $1000 to have removed the damaged siding.

Enhancement and improvement costs

    Using multiple colors, even for small accent colors, can add up to an extra $1,000 per 1,500 square feet, depending on the number of colors and the area they cover.

    Unforeseen issues can arise, such as the discovery of water damage or cracked stucco 4, or rusty nails. The cost to fix these problems varies based on the magnitude, but expect to spend a larger chunk of change if there are structural issues.

Additional considerations and costs

    Homes with unique architectural features, such as mismatched windows, steep roof lines, or lots of edging, may require more prep work and labor costs. Vinyl 5 or aluminum siding typically requires special paint, which can increase the overall cost by 10%-20%.Even if it is in good condition, siding that is dirty or covered in mildew will typically require an additional day to clean and prep, which will increase your labor costs. Homes built before 1978 may still have lead 6 paint on the siding. If this is the case, the painter will need to scrape and remove the paint. This job can be toxic, so it should only be done by a professional. This can add an extra $12,000-$22,500 for a home with a 1500 sq.ft. of siding.







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