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Interior Door Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV: Are you Searching for Best Interior Door Repair Services near Las Vegas NV? Vegas Handyman Services ,our interior and exterior door repair services can improve the curb appeal and value of your home while also saving you energy by having functioning doors that fit properly. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Interior Door Repair Services around Las Vegas NV. We serve Las Vegas NV and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Interior Door Repair At Vegas Handyman Services

Doors Are Gateways To & Throughout Your Home

Interior Door Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV: Although you may not think of them often, doors serve as a critical component of your home’s functionality and aesthetic. If you aren’t happy with their look or if they are broken in some way it is crucial that you contact one of the professional handymen from our team. Vegas Handyman Services, our interior and exterior door repair services can improve the curb appeal and value of your home while also saving you energy by having functioning doors that fit properly.

We can repair and install all kinds of doors, such as:

  • Interior Doors
  • Exterior Doors
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Screen Doors
  • Storm Doors
  • French Doors
  • Pocket Doors
  • Sliding Barn Doors
  • Closet Doors
  • And More!

Your Doors Get a Lot of Wear & Tear

Doors receive a lot of wear and tear throughout their life, and many homeowners have older homes with older doors that are important to the style of the home. If you do not want to replace an ailing door, then repair is almost always an option. With one call Vegas Handyman Services, you can have an insured and qualified professional to tackle the job quickly, whether it be entry door repair or work on interior doors. For sticking, dents, squeaking, air leaks, damaged door jambs, rotting/soft wood, broken locks, screen repairs, roller issues on pocket or sliding doors, whatever the issue, you will get the door repair service you need.

  • Sticking Doors
  • Squeaking Doors
  • Air Leaks
  • Damaged Door Jambs
  • Rotting / Soft Wood
  • Broken Door Locks
  • Screen Door Repairs
  • And More!

Benefits Of Professional Interior Door Repair

Interior Door Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV:Did you know having an improperly installed door can raise heating and cooling costs? The truth is poor door installation can cause the doors to not be sealed correctly, which can cause air infiltration. If, for example, there is a gap between the ground and an exterior door, air can escape or enter your home. On the other hand, if a storm door is not properly installed, your home will not receive the protection that you need. For expert door installation service, call the professionals at Vegas Handyman Services.

Professional and Experienced Door Repair in Las Vegas NV

Las Vegas NV Doors and More offers an extensive range of commercial door repair service for retailers, public buildings, and production centers, including:

  • Fire-rated doors for industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and large commercial buildings with strict fire safety regulations.
  • Glass and aluminum storefront doors with automatic operation for shopping malls, retail stores, office complexes, and other public buildings.
  • Hollow metal doors and wooden exterior doors for small businesses and retail stores.
  • Security gates and grilles for private buildings, car parking garages, and street-facing building entrances.
  • Overhead roll-up doors, sectional roll-up doors, and slat roll-up doors for loading zones, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.
  • Canopy doors and counterweight doors, including doors with built-in pilot doors for easy entry.

We at Vegas Handyman Services understand the flexibility required in working around schedules and deadlines and strive to accommodate each projects’ specific needs, reducing costly interference with a plant’s daily operations.

Door Repair Services Las Vegas NV

24/7 Emergency Commercial Door Repair Service in Las Vegas NV boroughs and neighborhoods.

Interior Door Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV: When it comes to commercial door repair, Las Vegas NV businesses and institutions trust Vegas Handyman Services Company because we are a full-service company.

We will either repair the door if possible or replace it with a new one. And we do so efficiently! Our technicians are ready for any door emergency situation, so if your business is in need of emergency door repair, we are ready.

Reliable Service, When You Need It

Not only can we meet and exceed your installation and repair needs, but we also offer a wide array of door materials to choose from. Stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and wood are all available depending on what your specific door needs are and what aesthetic look you want for your business.

We Work Hard To Get You Results

Our skilled and professional installers can rebuild most of your floor, overhead and surface closers to ensure the best fit and maximum security of the business. When the door is not functioning we can be there to repair it. If we cannot repair it, rest assured we can install a new door that will function properly for years to come!

Having a team with so much experience in the industry, you can be sure that your home’s door work is going to be in good hands with us. Regardless of whether you need a new exterior door, or a couple new interior doors, we can work with you. We have a knowledgeable sales team who knows a lot about all the door products we have to offer. They will be more than happy to sit down with you to discuss what your options are.

Vegas Handyman Services only works with the very best companies in the door industry so that we can promise our customers that they’re going to get a new door that looks stunning, and it’ll be durable and able to stand up tough for years to come on the exterior and interior of the home. We can provide you with everything from fiberglass doors to panel doors, glass doors, aluminum doors, to all types of door materials in between. We will discuss with you what your home’s needs are and what your spending budget is so that we can help you pick out the best new home door. Discover more about replacement doors in Las Vegas NV.

Vegas Handyman Services can provide you with the following styles of doors:

  • Basement doors
  • Interior doors
  • Entry doors
  • Garage entry doors
  • Sunroom doors
  • Side doors

Door Repair Contractors

Interior Door Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV: Once you have picked out the best new door for your home, our replacement door installers in Las Vegas NV will get to work. We will show up on time for the installation work, and we will have all the materials, tools, parts, and other supplies needed to get rid of your old door and get the new one installed quickly. You can depend on Woodland for all of your door needs, and we know that you and your family are going to be 100% satisfied with the gorgeous and fresh look that our replacement doors can provide for your home!

Please feel free to call us or contact us online for more information about replacement doors, or to schedule a consultation. We look forward to talking with you soon!

Your interior doors are critical to maximizing the efficiency of your home design and can influence the overall style of any room. When they break or stop opening correctly, it cannot only detract from the overall aesthetic of a room in many cases, but also make it difficult to get around your home. A broken interior door can be particularly troublesome in homes where the elderly or children rely on easy-to-open entryways.

If your interior doors stop working, Vegas Handyman Services can get them repaired as soon as possible. Call now!

Why Choose Vegas Handyman Services for Interior Doors in Las Vegas NV?

Interior Door Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV: We are dedicated to providing the best value and the highest quality door installation to our Las Vegas NV customers. When you work with us for your interior door project, you can expect:

  • Only the most professional, knowledgeable, and well-trained group of door installers never subcontractors sent to do the job!
  • Outstanding customer service
  • The highest standards of integrity and quality in the industry
  • Complete adherence to OSHA standards
  • Professional (and efficient) window installation and repair service
  • The same high level of service whether your job is big or small

When you are in the market for interior doors in Las Vegas NV or a surrounding neighborhood, call Vegas Handyman Services. We always provide a FREE estimate based on an appointment at your location, where our experienced estimators bring samples and discuss your needs thoroughly.


Interior Door Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV: Doors go through a never-ending cycle of being pulled open and pushed closed, which strains hinges, door jambs and latches. The constant wear and tear means they may stop closing properly.

  1. Check for door hinge issues

The hinge side of the door is often the source of closure issues. Over time, screws used to hold a hinge in place start to work their way free, causing the door to sag. As a result, the door may scrape the door frame when closing, or may no longer properly meet the latch-side strike plate.

It’s also possible for hinge mortises where the hinge leaves are attached to be set too deeply, which can cause the door to bind over time as hinge leaves shift. Check whether door hinge plates are the problem by opening the door and looking at the jamb: if leaves are sunk below the surface, the mortises are cut too deep.

To fix a loose hinge leaf, start by trying to tighten the screws. If they simply twist in place but won’t catch, try inserting longer screws. If that doesn’t work, try putting a bit of carpenter’s glue on a thin sliver of wood or a matchstick and tapping it into the screw hole. Once the glue is dry, reinstall the screws.

To deal with a too-deep mortise, cut and glue in a wood shim to decrease the depth, or use a piece of stiff paper like a playing card or greeting card cut to fit.

  1. Check for door latch problems

A faulty interior door latch can also be the cause of an interior door not closing properly. If this is the case, the door may pull open even when “closed” or may grind against the latch strike plate. Therefore, you need to know how to fix a door latch.

Again, start by tightening the screws and see if this helps. If not, take out the screws and move the latch strike plate, but make sure to move the plate far enough away from the old screw holes that it stays properly fastened.

  1. Check overall fit of the door

If you’ve checked both sides of the door and it still won’t close properly, look at the top and bottom. The top edge of the door may not be entirely level, causing it to stick in one corner, or the bottom edge may scrape the floor. Using sandpaper or a handheld planning tool, you can carefully pare down the offending edge and square it with the rest of the door. Be careful to test the fit often or you’ll end up with a door too small for its frame.

If you’ve checked the hinges, latch and fit, but the door still doesn’t close properly, consider installing a new door. Hollow-core doors can become permanently warped or twisted over time as a house sinks and compresses them, making their defects nearly impossible to correct.

When installing a new door, especially in a warped or damaged frame, hiring a professional may be the best option. Not only can professional contractors or handyman address basic door issues, they can also correct underlying frame and jamb problems.


How Much Does it Cost to Repair an Interior Door?

Interior Door Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV: In just about every house or apartment, doors are an integral feature. Providing privacy and security for residents, doors are simply a nonnegotiable necessity for the space. Unfortunately, even the sturdiest and highest-quality doors may encounter some damage over time. Doors can begin to sag, drafts may cool down the home’s interior or humidity can cause doors to swell and stick with every opening and closing. Repairing a door can be a DIY task, but most homeowners will prefer to pay for professional services. Use this guide for a better understanding of the costs of door repair services.

Average Costs of Interior Door Repair Services

Before you think about calling for quotes or hiring someone to come and repair your door, it helps to have a rough estimate of typical repair costs. While the expense of repairing a door depends on the extent of the damage, the material that the door is made of and even the location of your home, the average cost for door repair typically ranges from $276 to $392.

Understanding the Various Types of Interior Door Repair

One of the most common problems that doors can experience is swelling and sticking, which is a direct result of humidity. This can be fixed relatively easily by sanding down the part of the door that sticks. Another common problem is sagging, which is due to a particularly heavy door. This requires changing the hinges as well as potential sanding, and it can take upwards of one day to completely fix.

Cost of Replacing A Damaged Interior Door

In some cases, a damaged door simply can’t be repaired. When this happens, the best course of action might be to have a professional remove the existing door and replace it with a new one. While the cost of this job depends on the price of the new door, homeowners should expect the price of both door and labor to cost around $1,092. However, interior doors will be much cheaper than exterior doors, so that number can drop substantially.

Over time, even the best doors can be damaged and require repair. Use these tips to get a better understanding of the various costs of door repair services.

Door Frame Repair Costs

The cost of repairing a door frame depends on the type and location of the door. For example, exterior door frame repairs cost an average of $159, while interior doors typically average $144. French door frame repairs average $165 and sliding door frame repairs average $151.

Most homeowners spend between $247 and $403 to install door frames. The average cost includes:

  • Basic door frame: $45 to $68
  • Labor for about three hours of professional work and cleanup: $182 to $310

Interior Vs. Exterior Door Frames

Interior Door Repair Services Near Las Vegas NV: Interior and exterior doors are constructed differently, which translates to subtle but important framing differences. For example, exterior doors have a threshold that measures a minimum of 1 inch high, which has to be installed flush to the top of the home’s finished floor, which affects the frame’s opening. Other notable differences include:

    • Size: Exterior doors typically measure 36 inches wide, while interior doors average widths of 30 inches.
    • Weatherproofing: Interior doors don’t require a heavy-duty frame. Exterior doors are made of heavy, weather-resistant materials that require a sturdy frame that’s equally weather-resistant.
    • Security: The frame is ground zero for the security of an exterior door. Anything too flimsy can be easily broken. Additionally, locks and deadbolts extend into the exterior door frame, which necessitates strength for optimal safety.


What is the process to replace my doors through the Interior Door Replacement Company?

First, our sales representative will visit your home to provide an estimate. If you accept the estimate and place a deposit, then a technician will visit your home with our digital measuring tool and obtain digital measurements of each door opening. If no special-order items are involved in the order, doors typically take 3-5 weeks to arrive. Our door installation crew will arrive at a scheduled time to deliver and install the new doors. Depending on the number of doors being replaced, the installation process is usually completed in 2-4 hours.

How long does the process take to get new doors installed?

The amount of time before your new doors are installed varies depending on how busy we are and the specific door product that you order. If the products are made from materials stocked by our supplier, then lead time to final door installation is typically about 3-5 weeks after you place the order. Note that many premium products are custom made and may require a lead time of as much as two months or longer.

Do I need to visit your showroom before I place an order?

Visiting the showroom is not mandatory, but depending on the product you are interested in a showroom visit can be useful. Such a visit provides an opportunity to see and touch the actual product before placing the order, for example to get a “feel” for the various types and brands of locksets that we offer. However, many customers do not visit our showroom at all and are comfortable making their decision through the information provided to them in their homes by our sales representative.

Can I purchase just the door from IDRC and install the door myself or have my contractor install it?

Yes, you can purchase door materials from Interior Door Replacement Company for delivery to your property for you or your contractor to install.  Note that we are unable to accept return of materials after they have been delivered, inspected, and accepted by the customer.

What if I have fewer interior doors to be replaced than the minimum 6 swing doors (or 3 closet openings)?

Our services are best suited to customers who need to replace a number of doors at a time. Our door replacement procedures involve multiple visits to each customer home, including to obtain digital measurements as well as to install the doors themselves. Therefore, we can only offer our advertised low prices on orders of at least six interior swing doors. If there are five or fewer interior swing doors to be replaced, then we will need to add an installation fee to cover our costs. There is no trip fee if the order includes at least one exterior entry or premium/specialty (i.e., glass, mirror) door.

Can I have my contractor paint the door instead?

Yes, we will install interior doors that are primed but without the final coat of paint. While most customers choose to have us paint their new doors, a few do choose to paint their doors themselves, or to have their contractor paint them. Note that customers are consistently pleased with the quality and workmanship of the paint that we apply. We use an advanced spray system that applies paint without leaving any brush or roller marks. For more information on our painting process, click here.

Why would you install a prehung door instead of just replacing the door alone?

Pre-hung doors may be the preferred approach for a variety of reasons. If the existing door frame is in poor condition or is aesthetically unappealing, then a pre-hung door may be appropriate. Note that our technology often provides an option not to go with a pre-hung door, even when the door frame is not in the best condition. We have encountered many situations where we are able to retrofit a new door without replacing the door frame, saving significant time and cost for the customer. In comparison, a general contractor not equipped with our technology would have no choice but to remove the door frame and install a pre-hung door in these situations.

Will I need to apply touch-up paint on my frames and jambs?

In many cases due to the normal movement of the house over time, jamb legs may become uneven with each other, preventing the door from closing evenly against the wooden stops. In order to correct this condition, we may need to move the hinges and/or wood stops, possibly creating a need for minor touch-up paint applied by you or your painter. This is particularly common when we install or replace fire doors (the door from the garage to the home), where the wood stops often need to be moved to accommodate the width of current fire-rated doors.


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