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Looking for Engineered Wood Flooring Refinishing Service near Las Vegas, NV? Vegas Handyman Services is the premier Engineered Wood Flooring Refinishing Service in the Las Vegas, NV. Engineered wood floors look like hardwood flooring but are actually plywood with a wood veneer and other materials. The engineering process makes the floor sturdier than a natural wood floor and a little harder to refinish. Best Engineered Wood Flooring Refinishing Service in Las Vegas, NV. Cost? Free estimates! Call now or Send a quick message for an estimate.



Are you building, renovating or revamping your home and looking for the right wood flooring? Flooring is a vital design element in any interior and it’s the first thing you will see when you open the door.

The Engineered Wood Flooring Refinishing will At Vegas Handyman Services, our experienced flooring experts can provide the best Engineered Wood Flooring Refinishing in Las Vegas, NV at a very reasonable price. We take pride in offering the best Engineered Wood Flooring Refinishing. Our Vegas Handyman Services experts take pride in providing the best service in the Las Vegas, NV area.

Refinishing Engineered Hardwood Floors
If you have engineered hardwood floors or are considering a purchase, it helps to know a bit about refinishing. When should you refinish your engineered hardwood floors? How often is it needed? Here are answers to some of the questions you may have.

When should you refinish engineered hardwood floors?
When a thorough cleaning no longer restores the shine, it may be time to think about refinishing your hardwood floor. Other signs that you may need to refinish include: deep scratches that cut through the floor’s protective coating, stubborn stains, or warping.
You can sand and refinish some engineered hardwood floors the same way you would a solid hardwood flooring, but not usually as many times. Look for premium engineered products, which typically have thicker veneers and can withstand several refinishings. Micro-veneer engineered wood floors are very difficult to sand and refinish.

How often should you refinish engineered hardwood flooring?
The frequency of refinishing engineered hardwood floors depends on the daily wear and tear on the floor, as well as the hardwood hardness rating of the species. Of course some floors may never need to be refinished.many customers appreciate the character that comes from normal wear.

Also keep in mind that Vegas Handyman Services Flooring’s prefinished floors won’t need to be refinished as often as hardwood floors that were originally finished on site, because the factory finishing process results in a longer-lasting, more durable protective coating at Las Vegas, NV.

To avoid the expense and trouble of refinishing hardwood floors as long as possible, maintain your floors as recommended.

How long does refinishing hardwood floors take?
At,Vegas Handyman Services Refinishing engineered hardwood floors is a dirty and time-consuming process, which typically takes at least three days. While you can do the work yourself, consider hiring a professional refinisher. But whether you do it yourself or hire someone else, first contact your local flooring retailer for more information about refinishing.

How do you refinish hardwood floors?
There are two methods for refinishing hardwood floors.


In Vegas Handyman Services this method of refinishing hardwood floors involves, first, drum sanding your floor to remove surface coatings, deep scratches and stains, and to level uneven areas. When done correctly, sanding will restore the species’ grain — one of the defining features of a hardwood floor. An industrial grade vacuum is then used to collect dust and particles from the sanding process. After the floor has been smoothed and thoroughly vacuumed, a polyurethane sealer is applied or, depending on your preference, a stain and sealer.

You can choose either an oil-based sealer or a water-based sealer. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. It’s best to talk to your refinisher or local retailer before choosing.

The entire process of refinishing hardwood floors by traditional methods takes place over a series of days to allow for curing and drying times. It may take up to a week before you can walk on the refinished floor.


Sandless refinishing (sometimes called dustless refinishing) is a relatively new alternative to the traditional method. This process involves scuffing the floor lightly with a sanding machine, then applying an etching chemical to the surface. After that, any minor damage to the hardwood floor is repaired before a new top coat is applied.
There are pros and cons to this method. Sandless refinishing takes about a day and is less expensive. On the other hand, no method is 100% dustless, and you’ll still find a small amount of dust settling in your home. Refinishing hardwood floors by this method is not recommended for very damaged floors.

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